RE Romero-Probst 

The Museum is home to the most significant collection of
RE Romero-Probst's Ego-Expressionist art in the world. 

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MEEa Collection: The Artwork of RE Romero-Probst

Randolph Romero Probst


The Museum houses an important collection of Ego-Expressionist art from Southern California and the Southwest.

MEEa Museum


The advent of Contemporary Southern California and Southwestern US is heralded by the Museum's Gallery Collection.

MEEa Museum


Museum is home to
the significant collection
of Ego-Expressionist art .

MEEa Museum

Blood Red Sky

‘The Judgment of the Arts’ series represents the acceptance or rejection of the ideas and forces conceived in art and literary works, created by both men and women, separating the mediocre from genius.

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The Collectors

These art pieces are the 'Collectors', and these are the faces of those who are entrusted with the task of making artistic judgments in regards to each individual who seeks to bring into public view their work.

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1960/70/80's Art

Masterworks by RE Romero-Probst: The Early 1960's California, 1970's Southern California and 1980's worldwide make up part of the Museum's extensive collection.

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The Museum houses an extensive collection of Special Themed Art, with seminal works by RE Romero-Probst.

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The concept of the Kingdom and Worlds before the creation of Man. Mans insignificance in the framework of the Universe. Mans aspiring to Godhead.

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Photographic Collection

Photographs of Everything: Living through the Lens

RE Romero-Probst

Unique Artwork

Interpretations of Ego-Expressive feelings and energies in a strong sense of altered emotions.

RE Romero-Probst


Expressive artworks representing Ego-Expressionism.

Randolph Probst

Accenting Art Pieces

Artwork created for the Collector Series.

Randy Probst

1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Ego-X Art



Southern California

Self-Portrait Series

A representation and self exploration of RE Romero-Probst's life.


Mixed Media

Creating artwork using a variety of mediums.

RE Romero-Probst

Wood Portraits

Beings which possessed both mortal and immortal qualities; these beings called the Ancients were altering the translucent reality. They too sought control over this earthly realm, but, were slowly diminishing and sought refuge within the solid realities that became part of the makeup of this world. and took repose in wood and stone.


Accenting Artwork

Artwork created for the Collector Series centering on Frederick Weisman.

MEEa - Ego-X Art

Judgement of the Arts

The contemplations of Art and the Artist, the subject and the Viewer. All within the scope of God.

MEEa - Ego-X Art

Oil Paintings 1

Artworks displaying the essence of Ego-Expressionism.


Early Artwork

Early artwork of RE Romero-Probst representing the movement of Ego-Expressionism.

MEEa - Ego-X Art


A portfolio of artwork representing a self exploration of RE Romero-Probst's life.

MEEa - Ego-X Art

Oil Paintings 2

Artworks displaying the essence of Ego-Expressionism.

MEEa Museum

Literary Art

These books are of the tale of Alamar, the Mystic Warrior-priest, and Randee, the Prophet-poet. who's inception in Ancient and Present-day Eden mark the turmoil and enlightenment of our lives. The diaries, written in the style of poetic discourses offer us an insight to the revelations tied to the mysteries of both, our mystical and physical world.

MEEa Museum

Exhibition Portfolio Art

The Museum is home to the most significant collection of RE Romero-Probst's Ego-Expressionist art in the world.

MEEa Museum

Photographic Art

Special series artwork allows for an indepth look into how artworks evolve into several works.

Blood-Red Sky Series

The Judgment of the Arts, the Creation of the Blood-Red Sky

The Spiritual Contemplations

The quest of man and God, life and life after death


Bringing forth the style of Ego-Expressionism: Displaying an amazing collection of artwork.

MEEa Museum