MEEa was created to bring forth the style of Ego-Expressionism and to display an amazing collection of artwork. 

Father of Ego-Expressionism:
Charles Romero-Probst
1917 - 1991

MEEa Museum

Ego-Expressionism was the inspiration of Charles Probst-Romero; whose endeavor to express himself with the marvel of his 'life' and nature of his living, inspiring those around him by his unyielding desire to explore and better himself within the experience of living.

MEEa exists on funding from people and companies who understand the need for art and literature created within the form separated from art created for profit or influenced by outward criticism or expectation.
Please help MEEa bring forth and maintain exciting projects and receive special rewards.
MEEa Museum

Untitled: by Charles Romero-Probst 

The MEEa Museum

Museum of Ego-Expressionist Art

MEEa Museum


MEEa is the 'Gateway' to revealing a genera of artistic endeavors by those artists and writers who search and produce a 'self exploration' to the marvels of their 'living'.

The Museum of Ego-Expressionism in New Mexico is a key reference for understanding the ego-expressionists and the formative years of RE Romero-Probst.

The Museum of Ego-Expressionism "MEEa", opening in 2020 in New Mexico, reveals the genius of these artists through the over 1000 works that make up the permanent collection. As MEEa matures: the goal is opening to the world the doors of the Ego-Expressionist's and displaying a plethora of un-discovered artists and works of art.

MEEa Museum


The Charles & Adelina Romero-Probst Foundation for the ARTS

The Foundation will support MEEa's projects and undertakings that fall within the scope of the Foundation’s purposes and are in the spirit of Charles & Adelina Romero-Probst's bequest. It is therefore anticipated that the projects, programs and activities supported by Foundation grants will include the following:
The development of a program of exhibitions and showings of the artwork of R E Romero-Probst and the Ego-Expressionist artists;
The acquisition, on a selected basis, of additional works of art compatible with the purposes of the Foundation;
The sponsorship of, and support for, such social action programs, educational programs and projects as the Directors deem worthy of the Foundation’s support;
Research for and the creation of culturally, worldly and spiritually inspired Artworks;
The funding and support of unrecognized artists from all over the world and the sponsorship of internship programs in collaboration with selected institutions, universities and institutes; 

MEEa Museum


MEEA is about helping... please engage and lend a hand.

Whether helping to maintain the Museum, leading tours, or performing administrative tasks, volunteers are an integral part of MEEa

MEEa is a great place to enhance your education. Internship opportunities are available on a rolling basis in a variety of professional areas throughout the year. 



The Museum, often reffered to as: "The Probst Museum" is very rich in regard to work from the numerous periods in the life of the artist RE Romero-Probst; of which the Museum has a priceless group of works. The Museum houses an important representation of works from 1960/70/80's, and the series collection and most recent works, including;The Collector's (2012) and a very large print and photo collection.

MEEa Museum


MEEa is located in New Mexico. Before our expansion plan becomes reality, MEEa's collections are housed in the 'Historic Old Town' in a (small) building built in 1874. Although small, the space is beautiful with high ceilings and invitng gathering areas surrounding the art spaces offering relaxing areas to discuss art while enjoying a glass of wine or a gourmet snack. The space is excellent for the lectures, demonstrations, art and literary classes and many other philantropic, social and educational  presentations.

MEEa Museum


In bringing to light the Ego-Expressionist artist's and their work; MEEa hopes to bring a 'fresh' look on art with its 'unhindered' focus on the social and spiritual visionary commentaries in art and poetic literature and to promote, educate and advance the arts and cultural environment. .”

The MEEa Museum

Museum of Ego-Expressionist Art
MEEa Museum


MEEa's mission is to open the world to Ego-Expressionism in hopes that everyone who wishes to express their personal creative expression may have a venue or be supported in the field of art & literature without having to comprimise their intregrity.

The Charles & Adelina Romero-Probst ART Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, art and literature and educational purposes, more specifically: The Charles & Adelina Romero-Probst ART Foundation is dedicated to reflect the life, work and aspirations of the artist-poet RE Romero-Probst and to preserve and promote the Ego-Expressionist movement. 



The Museum is undergoing its creation and constant renovations and expansions, and it's currently starting to develop new programmes, activities and services: to become a reference place, envisaged to spreading knowledge and to fostering the visitor's participation.

MEEa's funding is essential in keeping the museum and our programs and projects open. Ego-Expressionism needs to be free from sacrificing the intregrity of the artwork for financial necessities. Therefore MEEa has created a REWARDS program to thank all those who contribute to keeping MEEa open and producing great projects and programs. 

MEEa Museum

Ego-X Art Gallery Boutique

Our MEEa Boutique features a variety of Origional Art, Quality Prints, Quality Photographs and Limited-production, signed Art. As well, MEEa Boutique offers an excellent selection of products related to the themes of Ego-Expressionist Art and the current exhibitions of MEEa. MEEa Boutique also offers unusual and one-of-a-kind items. Come discover the unique talents of some of the world's finest artians.

Profits from the Museums Boutique go directly to MEEa's art projects, educational programs, and the advancement of the Arts. Note: Some of the Art sold at MEEa's Boutique may have the potential to apprecieate in value, and can be a great investment! (MEEa, though, makes no guarentees to the investment potential of any art piece sold. MEEa does guarentee the authencity of each piece sold.)

The MEEa Museum

Museum of Ego-Expressionist Art


Bringing forth the style of Ego-Expressionism: Displaying an amazing collection of artwork.

MEEa Museum


  • The Ego-Expressionist explores the 'inner' Self, to create works of one’s personal expression, to satisfy one's own sense of potential, discovery and visionary aspects as to how they 'see' the world and the effects of the world on them.
  • The separation from other styles is that Ego-Expressionism is a 'Self Discovery' unencumbered by social criticism and without compromising the 'Integrity' of their work by outside influence. 
  • The style description of R E Romero-Probst's art and poetic discourses are the perennial description of the style of the Ego-Expressionist.

The Rise of Ego-Expressionism

The late 60's - early 70's post-modernism/contemporary art and literary movements need to be looked at and defined into 2 different and unique categories given the fact most considerably for the nature of what the 'counterculture' represented; non-traditional modes of authority, experimentation with psychoactive drugs, and differing interpretations of the American Dream. New cultural forms emerged, including, pop music, art and literature with the concurrent rise of hippie culture, which led to the evolution of a youth subculture that emphasized change and experimentation. 

A number of freedoms were endorsed within a counterculture community including: "freedom to explore one’s potential, freedom to create one’s Self, freedom of personal expression, freedom of 'inner' enlightenment.

And that, given to 'light' that the counterculture was both, an outward and inward movement, the late 60's 'counterculture' produced 2 distinct types of artists, writers and poets.

The first, naturally would be those artists/writers/poets who brought their work, styles and philosophies into the 'public' view.

These artists/writers/poets and their work, styles and philosophies are well documented.

But, given the fact that the 'counterculture' movement was both, an outward change as well as an introspective and personalized quest, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and an ego-based search for personal truth, creativity, ideals and spiritual enlightenment. A second, distinct type of artists/writers/poets and their work, styles and philosophies manifested as well, even though their work was rarely brought forth for 'public' scrutiny.

The Ego-Expressionists movement was part of the later groupings and their work and philosophy was just as viable as those movements of the 1st grouping whose work was eagerly brought forth for 'public' scrutiny. And as one studies the work of these Ego-Expressionists they will find that the work and philosophy of this group is in fact and integral part of the changes in contemporary art and literature.

The work of R E Romero-Probst gives validity to the style and philosophy of this inter-personal expression of art and literature


MEEa will offer a varity of workshops and lecture series in art, writing, poetry and general descussions involving different levels of work geared to reach those who would enjoy developing or expanding their talents. 

The MEEa program is about furthering the education of people in the field of Art & Literature. MEEa instruction use a combination of lecture, visits, self-guided learning, and hands-on practice to increase your knowledge of Ego-Expressionst art & literature, as well as your aesthetic pleasure of art.

As a non-profit, MEEa relies on private contributions to ensure a vibrant, sustainable future. 

The Foundation is grateful to the generous donors who help ensure that the unique vision of Adelina & Charles Romero-Probst reaches more people and increasingly diverse audiences. Individual donations and community support directly affect the breadth and depth of programs that the Foundation is able to offer. Join MEEa in promoting education and fine arts appreciation by making a contribution today.