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About the Artist
Mystic, author, artist, yachtsman, adventurer, free-thinker, inventor, athlete and entrepreneur. R E Romero-Probst is a genuine Renaissance Man.
R E Romero-Probst: A product of the late 1960's Los Angeles art/cultural movement, developing his own 'school of thought' in relation to his artwork and writing, and had continued to evolve his style and create works of art relevant to each decade after, until the present which, is an earmark of his combined artistic endeavors. The style description of R E Romero-Probsts art and poetic discourses are the perennial description of the style of the Ego-Expressionists.

For decades, RE Romero-Probst has maintained his seclusion as an artist and writer having kept his work outside the view of the public, shunning any spotlight around his work, instead, Randolph Probst turned to seeking his adventures and participating in the experience of life while though, quietly continuing to produce an enormous portfolio of art and writings. R E Romero-Probst, gives validity to the style and philosophy of the Ego-Expressionists with his inter-personal expression of art and literature. The Ego-Expressionists explore one’s 'inner' Self, to create works of one’s personal expression, to satisfy their own sense of potential, discovery and visionary aspects as to how they 'see' the world and the effects of the world on them. This is a 'Self Discovery' unencumbered by outward criticism and without compromising the 'Integrity' of their work. 

RE Romero-Probst's work is un compromised and maintains it's integrity.

RE Romero-Probst

The Artist's seclusion

  • For decades, R E R-Probst has kept his work outside the view of the public. Instead, Randolph Romero-Probst has embraced life as a 'free-thinker', enjoying the adventures of the world and embracing a literary and artistic platform deemed Ego-Expressionism from which to display his talent and visions. In turn, he feels he has transcended from being confined to being labeled a writer or artist and has developed into what he hopes will be 'an integral force in the evolvement of individual and social thinking'.

The Artist's Studio/workshop

The Artwork: RE Romero-Probst

About the Artwork

RE Romero-Probst's work is documented from the period of 1965 through present. It is Classified as 'Ego-Expressionist'.

The Portfolio

R E Romero-Probst has created a portfolio consisting of over 1000 pieces of art and several manuscripts as well as several thousand photographs and computer enhanced artwork. Plus several thousand conceptions planned and more manuscripts slated for the future.

The work is labeled, 


“ The work is about the emotions as they are experienced and excited and heightened. They are about the spiritual and ethical integrity that guides these emotions as they are affected by the influence.

‘ Some of which work well and some of which go against all the fibers of ones thinking and doing’.

‘ They are feelings in their raw, beautiful and brutal form. They are influenced by hope and fear, love and hate, lust and death, God and oblivion’."

RE Romero-Probst RE Romero-Probst RE Romero-Probst

About the Style

The style of the work changes with each direction Randolph Romero-Probst takes, although, he maintains a very individual signature to all of his work.

There are very apparent German Expressionist influences as well as the warmer more seductive nature of the Spanish painters.

His color selection ranges from a subtle palette to intense and volatile colors which dictate to work conceived of emotional turmoil. His brushstroke flitters with passive frailty, calculated regimentation, emotional fertility and harsh, manly, demanding and fierce interactions.

The topics celebrated are as diverse as his thinking. They encompass forces so dark and foreboding as to deliver to us a view of the unseen which haunts our lives, spiritual marriages of god and man, lustful and seductive feelings that draw us into facing our vices, and images which connect us into lifeless entities which dwell in oblivion, void of emotion or spirit.

There is so much going on inside of this work that it is fruitless to offer a description, except to alert you to the fact that, the works may at first deceive you into thinking they are dormant conceptions, only to slowly come alive within your viewing them and lustfully seducing you while you are helpless but to receive their seduction.

The Artwork

Over 40 years ago R E Romero-Probst described his work as this; "The project is titled, ‘Life-Death-Ego’. 

‘The work is composed into 5 artistic generations. Spiritualism, Emotionalism, Neuterism, Egoism, Ego-spiritualism. 

‘These break down to represent the soul, the heart, the mind, the birth, and the death.’

"I tried to deal with the concept of the Kingdom and Worlds before the creation of Man. Mans insignificance in the framework of the Universe. Mans aspiring to Godhead. The relation of Man to his immediate surroundings and his immediate Time and Space. And, of Mans role in the outcome of the Universe’.

Today, R E Romero-Probst still holds to that commitment, but, adds; "I have altered somewhat the course of my project. I have titled this transformation, ‘Life-Lust-Death’.

‘This phase of the project is constructed into 3 artistic generations. The first, deals with mans interaction with his contemporaries. The second, deals directly with mans emotional fears and desires. And the third, deals with the connection of his present life and his evolution to the theory of his creation.’

I may have less faith in Mans role then I did some years ago, and perhaps more faith in the internal components which drive man to his means’.

‘The forces that do drive man though, are calculating, exacting, passionate, logical and adventurous. But, as Man progresses himself to the end of this phase of his existence he is possessed with the values attributed to his Lust and to his Death. Thus, he creates the vehicle of his Death. 

My work deals with the dilemma of mans Life within the conflict of his Lust and his Death.’

‘I have created numerous ‘self-portrait’ orientated projects attesting to this project, as well as countless other pieces which dictate the direction as to which this project progresses.’

The Literary work of RE Romero-Probst

The Abstract Poetic Diaries & The Books of FE

The Abstract Poetic Diaries & The Books of FE

by RE Romero-Probst

RE Romero-Probst is one of the world's best poetic freethinkers. He unravels the inner workings of our deepest feelings and redisplays them to us in the most beautiful, meaningful and wonderful poetic discourses.These poetic discourses intertwine strong spiritual and emotional thoughts and gives to us redress, answers, and pose to us questions which haunt our quiet moments where we ask ourselves all of those questions of why are we, what are we and who are we. - Saren

The Manuscripts
'The Abstract Poetic-prose which is accompanied by the artwork is created to encompass a deep sense of spirituality that dictates the severity of the emotional qualities that impact the work. They offer a deep display of an emotional and spiritual union. The work is encased in turmoil, enlightenment, and a depressive and darker current that underlines and competes with its purer qualities. 
The insights displayed in the ‘instructional’ text which were conceived for the mystic series were created to be well received within a union of complexity and simplicity. Their design allows us each to grasp and manipulate our own mystical power and energy as a separate yet equal force to the forces which influence our lives.'


Bringing forth the style of Ego-Expressionism: Displaying an amazing collection of artwork.

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