Bringing forth the style of Ego-Expressionism: Displaying an amazing collection of artwork and home to the artist/writer RE Romero-Probst.

MEEa Museum


In bringing to light the Ego-Expressionist artist's and their work; MEEa hopes to bring a 'fresh' look on art with its 'unhindered' focus on the social and spiritual visionary commentaries in art and poetic literature and to promote, educate and advance the arts and cultural environment. .”


  • The Ego-Expressionist explores the 'inner' Self, to create works of one’s personal expression, to satisfy one's own sense of potential, discovery and visionary aspects as to how they 'see' the world and the effects of the world on them.
  • The separation from other styles is that Ego-Expressionism is a 'Self Discovery' unencumbered by social criticism and without compromising the 'Integrity' of their work by outside influence. 
  • There are no restrictions as to your creative interests in Ego-Expressionism;  be it art, music, poetry and literature, collecting or anything the creative energy aspires. 
  • The style description of R E Romero-Probst's art and poetic discourses are the perennial description of the style of the Ego-Expressionist.

1960/70/80's Art

Masterworks by RE Romero-Probst of the Early 1960's California, 1970's Southern California and 1980's worldwide make up part of the Museum's extensive collection.

Antique Doll Collection

The Museum is pleased to have The Christy Smith McCartney collection of Antique Doll's.

Literature & Literary Art

These Illustrated books are of the tale of Alamar, the Mystic Warrior-priest, and Randee, the Prophet-poet. who's inception in Ancient and Present-day Eden mark the turmoil and enlightenment of our lives. The diaries, written in the style of poetic discourses offer us an insight to the revelations tied to the mysteries of both, our mystical and physical world.

Antique and Miniature Doll Collection

The antique doll and miniature Collection is housed at MEEa museum in a 1879 adobe/Princess Ann house located in 'Historic Old Town', Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Many of these antique dolls, paper dolls, and miniatures are one of a kind hand painted and hand assembled in the 1800's and the early 1900's.
Enjoy the antique dolls, paper dolls, miniatures, contemporary art in the Museum of Ego Expressionist Art, and relax in the artistic and eclectic garden under the 100 year old grape arbor.

MEEa The Founding Collection MEEa The Collectors

AT MEEa : 'The Founding Collection'

The first exhibition for the MEEa museum is dedicated to a sampling of some of the many works of RE Romero Probst.

The Naranjo Collection of Southwestern Art

Upcoming Exhibition at MEEa museum in 'Historic Old Town', Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Stella Naranjo: collector and dealer in Native American Arts and Jewelry. An Artisan, Jeweler and Appraiser of Native American Art & Jewelry.
The Naranjo Collection is diversified and well-rounded, capturing the uniqueness and tradition of the Southwest United States.

Southwestern Silver
From the Naranjo Collection

Hand-crafted Southwestern Pottery
From the Naranjo Collection

Native-American Dolls & Sculptures
From the Naranjo Collection

Unique Jewelry
From the Naranjo Collection

Expanding Your world with MEEa

MEEa Collections

MEEa houses one of the most remarkable private art collections.

MEEa Exhibitions

MEEa hopes to produce a series of exhibitions which will in-tune the observer to the aspects of Ego-Expressionism and the thoughts and ideals of the artists and the artist's creations.


From the imagination of Charles Probst-Romero to the obsession of his son; MEEa is really about giving back.


Bringing forth the style of Ego-Expressionism: Displaying an amazing collection of artwork.